Wednesday, August 18, 2010

GOD ... Are you there?

Explain an event in your life that made you realize that there is a God. We would love to here your testimonials.


Bajuna Jewelry and Custom Beaded Creations said...

When my son was a little boy he would fall asleep in his room with the TV on. I would get up at 3am to get water and notice it was left on. It would always be on channel 45 a Christian channel. The hymns were on that late, with pretty music and singing. My son usually watched Hunter or Sledgehammer, both detective shows until he fell asleep which was on channel 39.
He didn't know about the Christian channel or what channel it was on.
I asked him if he changed the channel and he said, "How could I? I was asleep!"
This happened repeatedly. I believe it was God looking after my son and making sure he heard from Him while he was sleeping!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the news this morning and heard about a Father that ran over his son's leg with a riding lawnmower completely mangling his son's leg beyond recognition. Needless to say the Father was devastated. He had done the unthinkable. With over 20 operations his son's leg was severely deformed allowing very little function in that leg. Doctors recommend amputation. The thought of his son not being able to run or ride a bike was unimaginable! Even when driving to the hospital on the day of surgery, they were still uncertain of their son’s future with an artificial leg. Four hours away from surgery they come to a four way stop and they see an elderly gentleman sitting on a bus bench adjusting his artificial leg. The mom asks him can they can help. The elderly gentleman says; “No thank you I am okay. My artificial leg got stuck in my bicycle pedal.” The mom was amazed to see this elderly man riding a bike with an artificial leg. They had plenty of time before their son’s surgery, so they decide to stop and help the man. Conversation leads to their son and his problem. The elderly man explains how his amputation hasn’t stopped him from running in marathons, riding his bike, etc. Come to find that the son and the elderly man share the same birthday (7th-70th). This did not happen by chance, it was God’s plan for them to meet. This relationship grew to a lifetime of friendship.

Anonymous said...

My kids were going to private school and we were barely making our tuition payments. Do to several unforeseen personal emergencies we fell behind in our payments. The thought of taking them out the school they loved so much was inconceivable. After a meeting with the school’s administration and feeling helpless a client of mine that owed me several months of back payments, left a check for just over $2000.00 on my door step. More then enough to pay back the tuition owed and then some. I felt my prayers had been answered.

Erika Wheat said...

I was raped when I was seven years old and it continued for more than four years. For four long years I told my mom about the continuous rape, but she wouldn’t believe me. She told me I was lying and that my step-father would never do something like that. I tried to get some help from school and H.R.S. but to no avail. One day when I was at my grandma’s home sick from school I told her about what was happening to me and she believed me. My auntie who was a minister called my grandma and was told my story. She asked me if I wanted Jesus in my life and I said yes. Anything that could help me with the pain I was feeling. I got saved over the phone that day. Immediately after hanging up the phone I felt an unbelievable sense of relief. It’s difficult to understand until you actually feel it. It’s palpable, this feeling that came over me. I called my step-father and told him that I would tell my dad if he didn’t tell my mom the truth. He started crying over the phone and said that he would. My mom called 10 minutes later and asked my grandma why my step-dad wanted to talk her and why was he crying. My grandma said she didn’t know and that she should pick me up along with my siblings and go home to confront my step-father. When we got home we all went into their bedroom and we talked, cried and screamed for over three hours. He finally admitted it and I was free from his hold on my innocence. After a few years my mom finally divorced him. How do I know there is A God? He showed himself to me that day!

Andy Lamont said...

I was on the bus one day thinking about getting drunk. I had been sober for over a year now. My cell phone rang and it was this guy I had met at an “AA” meeting who I helped get into a sober house and also introduced him to my boss who in turn gave him a job.
On the phone I could tell that he was very drunk. He kept telling me how “AA” couldn’t help him and that he didn’t believe in God. I told him to make the “AA” group and God his Higher Power. He kept saying over and over again, how he didn’t believe in God.
I then told him, “If you don’t believe in God then why are you upset about relapsing?”
He then said to me, “Hold on one minute.” And I could here him in the background panhandling money from a woman who was driving by. He quickly got back on the phone bragging on how easy it was to get three dollars from that lady. All of a sudden I just broke down and cried. You see, God was speaking to me through this man as I remembered the time I would get drunk, lose everything and end up, like him, in the streets begging strangers for money. Immediately I told this man, “I want to thank you
for allowing God to speak to me through you. Your words unknowingly had been a blessing to me that day. He quickly then simply hung up on me. I don’t just believe in God. I know God! He kept me sober that day through the words of another human being. God does for me today what I couldn’t do own my own. And still today God
speaks to me through others constantly reminding me of his Love and Grace. I did nothing but turn to him for help. If I can allow God into my life, so can you. There is no
monopoly on his love. It’s free. All you need to do is ask! He loves you too!

Billy T. said...

From: Billy T.

One day I was in my bedrrom getting high on Heroin. As I ws going into the bathroom my roommate was going out for the night not expected to return for several hours. I got my drugs ready, I cooked my dope up and filled the syringe and injected the Heroin. That was the last thing I remember. until I was awakened by my roommate as he was slapping me in the face and dowsing me with ice cold water in the bathtub. When I cam to and was able to talk again, I asked him how was it that he came back to find me in that condition. He told me that he had left his License in his other pants and had to turn back to the Apt. He says, he found me non-responsive and that I wasn't breathing. I was completely blue with almost no heartbeat. I was almost near death. I was convinced that God had interviened and brought my roommate back to save me. If it was like any other night I would haved died that day. I can only say today that I am still a work in process. God is constantly revealing himself to me over and over again. Showing me again and again that he doesn't want me to die, and that he has a plan form me. Needless to say I have a different outlook on life today.